Wednesday, April 2, 2014

16 Weeks - and prayer request

Before I dive in and finally update everyone on the fact that I'm still alive, I wanted to request some prayers for my best friends' two little kiddo's. Her oldest, the sweetest 4 year old on the planet, just spent 3 days in the hospital for a several stomach virus that really hit him hard. And now, just when he starts to mend, his 3 year old sister gets hit by it, and has now been admitted as well. It's really taking a toll on their tiny little bodies, and my best friend and her husband are probably at their wits end right now. So please say a prayer, not only that these sweet babies will heal quickly, but that their mom and dad will stay healthy.

So, just a quick update on where I am in life. 16 weeks, baby!! I feel like it has flown by. Maybe spending the first 13 weeks not caring about anything other than surviving helped with that. ;) But I'm really feeling great now. Queasiness is all but completely gone. I still get a whiff of it occasionally, but nothing I can't handle. My appetite is back. I haven't really had any weird cravings. I've been kind of into steak lately. And french fries. But I always like those so...yeah. And, drumroll please....we find out the gender 2 weeks from today. Wahoo!! I'm so so so excited!! Though I won't post it until 2 days later, so Tony can tell his folks in person.

Oh and I also forgot to mention, I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST!!! I found out on St. Patty's day, but have been so busy catching up on life (since it was basically at a standstill during my first trimester), that I haven't remembered to mention it. So thanks for all the good wishes there.

One last thing; I want to send a big thank you out into the universe for all the support and caring and understanding I've gotten. Not just from my family and friends (though I've gotten loads from them), but just from sweet people I work with and "bloggy" friends, etc. It truly has been so touching and made this experience feel even more special. I'm so grateful to be here, experiencing this. Thank you, God!

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. So happy that you posted an update and I can't wait to hear the gender soon!

  2. Thank you for the prayers!

    And I honesty can't believe you are 2 weeks away from finding out which parts Baby Halford is sporting. So exciting!!

  3. Yay! Keep going! So happy for you :)