Tuesday, February 25, 2014

With Friends Like Mine

I just wanted to give a special shout out to my 2 closest friends. They've both been ears to hear me complain and shoulders to cry on and big sources of hope for us, each in different but equally effective ways.

They both surprised me with the cutest pregnancy "care packages" in the last few weeks. And though both boxes are still sitting on my kitchen table with their contents scattered everywhere, I'm finally seeing light at the end of my "first trimester is no fun" tunnel so maybe I'll finally get some of the goodies out and use them. :)

I have used the Preggie Pops. The Warheads were KUH-RAZY sour!! I managed one for about 3 seconds and had to spit it out. Kelsey (responsible for this box) is clearly a bad ass.
Definitely going to start using this stuff soon. My winter skin is not muy bonita.

Cute little baby toy. So sweet!

Box of staples Kaleena found useful during pregnancy.

Plus a cool pregnancy book for Dad. :)

Seriously, girls. Thank you both so much!! Not only for the thoughtful boxes, but for just supporting me not during the last 3 years of infertility, but for the last few years (well, a couple of decades in Kelsey's case and only a couple of years less than a couple of decades in Kaleena's) of our friendship as well. :) Love you both! 


  1. how sweet!!! i love that your friends have showered you with these gifts and are sharing your joy right alongside you!!!! :)

  2. That is so sweet! The dad book title cracked me up!


  3. Friends are great. I'm glad you have friends to spoil you when you are feeling rotten.

  4. You are one lucky girl to have such wonderful friends!