Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Soon-to-be Airman Cox - my brother

Today’s kind of bittersweet to me.  My brother is officially leaving the nest today. Which sounds weird, considering he’s a married man and all. But he’s been living with us since January, so I've kind of gotten used to having him around again. Don’t get me wrong….he is not the easiest person to live with. He’s messy and loud and messy and eats my food and messy. But he’s also always  super sweet and helpful (when asked) and Bonnie adores him and his loudness is sometimes just what I  need to get me out of my funk. I’m actually really grateful for the time he’s been with us. In a weird way, he’s made the whole infertility journey a little less painful. Maybe because he’s helped me realize exactly how chaotic life will be with children in the house. LOL. 

Anyway, today is the day he’s leaving for the Air Force. He’s swearing in at MEPS probably as we speak, and will be leaving on a jet plane by days end. His sweet wife is staying by his side until the very end. I’m glad he’s not alone in this. I worry that the military will change him. Not change him physically, or make him less lazy or more ambitious. Those things are bound to happen. But I worry that it will somehow change that sweet light he’s always had. I pray that he comes out of it stronger, smarter, better – but not hardened.

Everyone’s been posting on Facebook this month all the things they’re thankful for. I have a whole list of things I could put here that I’m thankful every single day. But in honor of our new soon-to-be Airman Cox, I’m going to be most thankful for him this whole month. And he’ll be in my thoughts and prayers every single day –  for the rest of my dang life. Ha!  

This  was their "serious" and "thoughtful" pose.....nailed it! 

Yeah - no idea. 

His "ballet" impression. 

As usual, he was trying to do me bodily harm. 

"Noogie time"

Our Walking Dead impression - and yes, we both have machete's in our hand. Don't ask. It's pretty typical at my house....

Way more painful position than you would imagine. 

Why yes, my family is already getting sick of having their picture taken. Oh well. They'll get over it.

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  1. What a sweet post. Love all the pics. I still can't believe he's all grown up!

    P.S. - love your boots.