Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photo's - Just For Fun

As annoyed as my family has started to get with having a camera shoved in their face (mainly Tony), I've really enjoyed getting to know my new camera. I've actually gone on a few "adventures" just to snap some photo's. Here are a few I'm kind of proud of:

I saturated this photo a bit to really bring out the blue berries. I use Picassa, because it's free and because it's free. Ha! 

This photo is completely untouched, and was taken from my back porch. 

This is a cool old barn on the way to the pumpkin patch. I played around with a few different things, but kind of love the vintage feel it has now. 

Oddly enough, when I took shot the barn, from one direction it was totally sunny (the pic above), but from behind, it was totally cloudy. After playing around with the aperture a little (don't get excited - I barely know what that means), I was able to really bring out the clouds above. 

A funny story about shooting this barn - Tony actually came with me, and when we were loading up, he grabbed a ladder. I thought it was weird, but you never know what that guy is thinking so I just rolled with it. When we pull over on the side of this tiny little rural road, he pulls out the ladder so I could stand on it to get shots over the weeds. It actually wasn't necessary because I will totally trek through some weeds for a good picture, but I thought it was super sweet. Another thing - I found it strange that nobody even slowed down when we were walking down a rural road with a ladder....and a people must be used to strange stuff. :)


  1. These are AWESOME!!! Seriously. They look professional.

  2. Oh wow, Tienna, I love that last photo of the barn!