Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oh, The Places We'll Go - Greece

The next stop of our imaginary roadtrip around the world is Greece!! And who wouldn't want to go there:
1. It has beautiful beaches.
2. It's history is fascinating.
3. The food.
4. It has beautiful beaches.
5. The architecture.
6. I love the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
7. It has beautiful beaches.
8. I'm fascinated by the legend of Atlantis. and Greek mythology.
7. The art.
8. And I've heard the beaches are nice.


  1. Greece is definitely on the top of my list!!

  2. Out of all the places in the world Greece is my really want to go place. I miss reading your stuff. Hope all is well.

  3. I agree! I would love to go to Greece, especially Santorini! *le sigh*

  4. Oh man, I've always thought Greece would be so fun. The water there just looks gorgeous!!