Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oh, The Places We'll Go - England

As I've slowly been mulling over the rather drastic news we got a couple of months ago, I can't help but begin to ponder the possibility of Tony and I not being blessed with children. I know I should remain hopeful and keep fighting the good fight, but there are moments when I feel almost relieved to be without the burden of worry. And, I'll be honest, I'll see that child throwing a fit in the middle of Wal-Mart and I'll think...."maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing, us remaining a dynamic duo". Ha! I'm only kiddingish there.
Anyway, one thing I would definitely want to do more of if, God - please forbid, we aren't blessed with children of our own, is to travel. And the top of that list is good ol' merry England. And here's why:
1. I feel very fancy when I say "pub".
2. I'm obssessed with Downton Abbey.
3. Harry Pottery changed the face of literature, in my humble opinion. And I love every bit of it!
4. I'm pretty sure Duchess Kate and I could be besties. She's stylish, classy, proper, married to the future King of England...basically all the things I'm not. I could be the yin to her yang. ;)
5. I love everything about it...the culture, the weather, the history. Oooh-lala.
6. Their flag is awesome!

7. And finally, both my married name and my maiden name (Cox) are English in origin. Which means I'm destined to visit. In my mind, at least.


  1. It would definitely be great to get to travel to England. Everything about it is so cool!

  2. Im a huge HP fan too!


  3. Take me! Take me! I can act as translator. ;)