Friday, March 1, 2013

Cara Box Exchange - February 2013

This fabulous blogger, Kaitlyn, over at Wifessionals hosts this gift exchange called Cara Box Exchange. She basically matches you up with two partners. After getting to know each other via email for a couple of weeks, you send a themed gift to one partner, and the other partner sends a gift to you. This months theme was #clubsexy in honor of Valentine's Day. It's really fun getting to know two other fabulous girls and shopping. Plus, you get a gift as well. Win-win.

This month, my two partners were Holly over at Oklahomapepplers and Falen (pronounced like Jimmy Fallon - love her name!) at Upward Not Inward.

This month was apparently out of the ordinary in that we were paired up with ladies from our own state. Which means that maybe someday we can all meet up. I'm all about a little bloggy conference, fo sho.

It was really great getting to know both girls. Holly isn't a natural-born Okie. She moved here for love, which is even better than being born here, I think. That means that she CHOSE Oklahoma. :) She's super sweet and she and her husband are absolutely adorable!

Falen was so nice and very helpful and patient with me. I had a ton of questions for her. She was such a huge help to me in terms of my spiritual journey. We only have had time to skim the surface, but I know she's going to be my sister-in-Christ for life.

Now, for the big reveal.....I got some suh-sweet stuff. Woot woot!

This is what I got in my box:

A soft blanket to snuggle with my love.
A pretty scarf always makes you feel sexy. ;)
She knows I'm on WW's, so she got us some cute parfait holders because we can be as healthy (or as naughty *wink wink*) as we want.

A cute tray to carry our parfait's on.
Some cute toppings (which didn't make it out of my office, I'm sorry to say.

A beautiful journey that will help document my journey. :)

She also tossed in some Cocktail flavored Jelly Belly's, but I didn't snap a picture of those.

Overall, this was a really fun thing to do. I've already signed up for next month's. Everyone should join in!!


  1. Oh my goodness your box was so amazing!!!

  2. Your box looks like a lot of fun!! I'd love to do a OK Blogger meet up too, we should work on planning one. I'd love to meet these awesome OK bloggers in person.

  3. I can't wait for a meet up!! Your post is gorgeous! :) So glad you liked your goodies!! I still have to do mine. :/ I've been slacking baaad. And yes, Sister-In-Christ For Eva! We'll make t-shirts! ahhaha. Love ya girlie!!